About the workshops Workshops are different from classes as they don’t follow a specific structure (meditation, movement, relaxation). Workshops are basically praticals around a specific subject. A subject can be treated individually (e.g. moodboarding: happens on your own) or in group (e.g. yogic belly dancing). Discover the full program of the classes & workshops for […]
About the classes and workshops
  • The yoga classes are always based on a series of postures (asana’s) that follow each other in sequence. The asana’s are practiced with awareness and synchronized with the breath. This makes you feel energetic, releases tensions and allows you to experience life with a more positive attitude.

    Classes mainly have a theme we start from to work (self-love, communication, trust, boundaries, hip work,…) and can come with some exercises out of other practices: pilates, dance, mindfulness… Although the content can be different, the structure of the classes follows a similar structure :

    ⚫ Meditation & breathing

    ⚫ Movement (asana’s)

    ⚫ Relaxation (savansana)

    No need to be flexible, just the need to be yourself!


Do you want someone who listens to your specific needs: body, mind and soul? Do you want more than just the weekly classes? Do you need specific attention on a specific topic? Do you want to grow faster on your own and get specific directions? Do you want to do some deep diving conscious work […]


What about the CEO and employees doing some yoga and mindfull stuff together during a workshops? What about  some managers and employees learning to know each other better through some duo yoga postures? Or what about just a relaxing break? Sarah for Yoga offers different modules for small and medium businesses: Classic Hatha Yoga (1h) Duo Yoga (1h) Blind Yoga (1h30) Yogic Belly Dance (1h30) Basics of Mindfullness (2h) Prices and other personalized  modules possible on demand.